Dagmar Bryant - Mindset and Transformational Coach Are you searching for answers? I'm here to Empower You to find your way

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    Welcome, I’m Dagmar Bryant

    Mindset and Transformational Coach

    I’m here to Empower You to find your way

    Dagmar Bryant - Mindset and Transformational Coach

    I’m here to guide you toward the answers you’re searching for; and the satisfaction and empowerment that will bring to your life.

    As a Mindset and Transformational Coach, I help you get out of your ‘stuck’.

    Who here, reading this, wants to achieve greater success in their work or business?

    Do you want more fulfilment in your life?

    Who wants more meaningful relationships?

    It is in our best interest to live life to the fullest, to not stand on the sidelines, rather to take an active part in who we are and where we want to get to.

    There are times in our life when we come to a crossroad and what we once thought we wanted, we no longer do.

    We realize that our interests have changed, as have our motivations and outcomes. This is when we need to look at, in depth, our approach to life and long term goals.

    That is where life coaching comes in.

    Contact Dagmar Bryant Dagmar Bryant Mindset and Transformational Coach

    Dagmar has appeared on TV, been heard on radio and podcasts as well as written for a wellness magazine.

    “ Life is not about sitting on the sidelines. To achieve success you need to take calculated risks. ”

    A positive mindset makes all the difference in achieving our goals and dreams. Mindset affects our work/business, our relationships, our confidence and our success.

    The problem is that sometimes we don’t know how to start, how to move forward, and how to get things done.

    Do you need some guidance with regard to your career or business?
    Are you looking for direction and purpose?
    Would you like to improve your confidence?

    I can help you see beyond the now and take you toward your destination.

    Coaching with Dagmar Bryant can help you to

    • Find clarity around your purpose and direction
    • Boost your confidence
    • Improve satisfaction in your work and personal life
    • Enrich your business and personal relationships
    • Increase work/life balance
    • Achieve the success that you are looking for

    When you work with me, we work together to set up a plan that is right for you.

    I believe that we all have the ability to achieve greatness, whatever that may be.

    As a Motivational Speaker, my goal is to empower you and your team to accomplish and strive for success together. The key areas that I focus on are empowerment, mindset and goal setting.

    Each presentation is tailored to your needs, encompassing the values and individual mission of your organization.

    These speeches are suitable for a wide demographic of audiences, whether you are looking to empower your team in business, motivate your group in health and wellness or inspire your students in schools.

    How Dagmar Bryant Can Help You

    Dagmar Bryant - 1 on 1 Coaching

    A coaching session can guide you toward the goals that you are seeking. This can be in the form of a 1 hour one off session, or you can choose to book 4, 8, 12 or 24 week package. Coaching Details>

    Dagmar Bryant Motivational Speaking

    As a speaker I want to empower your audience, to make them feel that they have been inspired to achieve more and to motivate them to success. View details about my Motivational Speaking >

    Dagmar Bryant - Workshops

    I run workshops in Mindset and Goal Setting as well as a monthly online guided meditation group. View and join my latest online and in person courses and packages > 

    If you’re looking for a new perspective in your life or business, and want to find your way forward,
    I can help guide you to find your way there.

    Dagmar Bryant - Mindset and Transformational Coach

    Dagmar Bryant - Mindset and Transformational Coach
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