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Dagmar Bryant

I am a woman who has experience in many areas. It’s not just my background, it is also my life experience.

I started my working career in banking and then moved into customer service. From there I moved into administration and secretarial work. I completed a Certificate in Business and a Certificate in Workplace Management. This gave me great scope for working in areas like Human Resources and Office Management.

I was in my 30s when I decided to fulfil my lifelong goal of studying law. At the time, I was working for Patent and Trademark Attorneys.

It was a wintery cold Sunday morning over a cup of coffee, when I realized that I was done in law. I’d had enough. I felt that I wasn’t making a difference any more.

I knew that I wanted to make a difference to people with their own transformation and change. It was about making a real impact in people’s lives and help them get back on track. Law was not going to help me achieve that.

You see, we get stuck in a rut. We lose track of our goals.

Life gets in the way of what we really want to do. That is what had happened to me. My goals of what I wanted to achieve got lost somewhere along the track.

I knew that there was a better way.

The spiritual side of me was beckoning and with that I started exploring my spiritual calling. I studied Tarot and Reiki, then mediumship.  Later, I became a qualified Hypnotherapist and Past Life Regression Practitioner.  I also completed a Certificate in Health Counseling and a Masters in Metaphysical Sciences.

Finally, I was getting somewhere.

What’s more important is that I could see the change in my clients.  I could see the way their lives were turning around.  They had a light in their eyes again.

My husband, Glenn, and I moved to Los Angeles in December 2017.  It was one of our goals and had been a dream of mine for over 10 years.
This was the next stage of my journey.  It was the right time.   Los Angeles was where I could see our future and where I could make a greater impact on a bigger audience, not only as a transformational coach but also as a motivational speaker.

I believe that we owe it to ourselves to be the best version of ourselves.

I do what I do because I know that I can make a difference.  What’s more is that I love seeing people become who they really want to be. It’s about believing in yourself.  There’s a change in their confidence. It’s about letting go of blocks and fears.  My skills over the years have shown me many ways that can be achieved.  It’s never a ‘one size fits all approach’.

Above all, we are all individuals. We are all unique. I love helping you find your uniqueness.

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