Tips for Successful Relationships

Tips for Successful Relationships Dagmar Bryant

Tips for Successful Relationships

Relationships can be hard work, but communication is one of the most important factors in making a relationship stay successful and fulfilling. Here’s some great tips for successful relationships.

People respond and understand better when they know where they stand.

Who can honestly say that they have never had at least a small amount of frustration over communication where a relationship was concerned?

To love is to take a risk.

That risk is where our emotional wellbeing is concerned.

We need to start out in an open and trusting way so that our partner can give us that back as well.

Relationships are a work in progress.

We have to remember to look for the things that are important to us throughout a relationship, and then honor those qualities when we find them.

When we are first starting a relationship we need to make sure that both partners needs are being met.

What are you looking for in a relationship? What are you goals? If they’re not the same at the start, then they’re probably not going to align at any time into the future.

Even if we’ve got all of that communication sorted and it’s great from the start, things do invariably change. It’s a little thing called life.

For most of us, real life is about going to work, having kids, making dinner at the end of a long day, doing the housework and so on. Where is there time for love and romance?”

The fact is that we have to make time for each other. UNDIVIDED. UNINTERRUPTED. TIME.

And this needs to happen on a regular basis.

Communication is one of those things that fall into the improvement category.

Men are notoriously bad at telling us about things that are really going on. Remember the one where they say that they’ll call you and then you never hear from them again?

Then there’s the listening thing.

If there’s one thing that can break any relationship it’s poor communication.

That means that you both need to be open to talking and listening.

Sometimes women can tend to be over analytical and can misconstrue the trivial act or comment as something major, when that may not be the case.

When openness is not forthcoming from our partners, we feel lost, and start to wonder, “Do they still love me/care about me/think about me?”

The important point here is that we need to be mindful of the right time to talk, and when you can be properly heard.

Don’t talk when he/she is otherwise occupied e.g. watching the football, fixing dinner, bathing the kids etc.

It is a well-known fact that men often struggle to focus on more than one challenge at a time. It is also true that women can focus on juggling a number of different tasks, but neither of these help in meaningful communication.

Let your partner know if you are not coping.

Perhaps a 20 minute walk can give you both an opportunity to talk, without any distraction, and as an added bonus, you are spending quality time together. This will make you both feel that you are on the same page.

We can all get distracted or too focused on other things and all of a sudden our relationship suffers for it.

The big project at work, kids, the stress of financial burdens, taking on too many commitments etc. They are less important than what is going on at home.

Why are you building something if you are neglecting to put in the effort on the home front?

Make date nights. Get a babysitter. Put on some candles. Give each other a massage. Make love. Reconnect with your partner and you can feel like that your relationship is giving you the love that you are looking for.

There are also little things that you can do to keep the love alive. Romance is an ongoing work in progress. It’s the loving touch, the smile, the embrace, the words of encouragement from our spouse, “You look fantastic in that outfit!” “Would you like me to make dinner tonight?”

Regular communication of everything from how your day went, to deep-seated emotions is vital for that deeper connection between you to develop and for you to stay connected to each other.

Here are 3 great tips for a successful relationship and to keep that connection special –

1. Open up and talk to each-other.

2. Spend quality time together.

3. Listen as well as talk.

With these in mind, your communication should improve and with it the spark in your relationship. When I work with my clients, in a business coaching capacity or speak to an audience, when we improve our communication, it has a profound positive effect on all areas of their lives.


I hope this blog on Tips for Successful Relationships has helped you.

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