The Lucky Gene – Do you have it?

The Lucky Gene

The Lucky Gene – Do you have it?


Have you ever noticed that there are some people that just seem to be incredibly fortunate or lucky?

Is there such a thing as the lucky gene?

How is it that someone seems to lead a ‘charmed’ life while others continually struggle?

Why is it that some people are rich, while others are poor?

Part of the answer to those questions is about the choices we made upstairs before coming here.

What is the purpose of the current life that we are in? What are the lessons that we are meant to learn?

Patience, compassion and understanding might be some of our lessons.

We can choose to do that as a nun or monk in a monastery. Alternatively, we can help out in a children’s orphanage in a third world country.

On the other hand, we can still learn those lessons in another form.

We may be brought into this life as part of a poor family and yet rise to incredible heights.

Oprah Winfrey is a great example. Her life story has been well documented and her beginnings were far from easy. Yet, she has become a woman to be reckoned with.

She did not let her upbringing hold her back from achieving a better life and now she helps many others along the way.

To some degree, our life path is mapped out for us in the form of the lessons that we need to learn. How we get there and what we achieve along the way is up to us.

We all have free will, free choice. We can choose how we approach life.

I have always had to work hard for anything that I have wanted to achieve. It hasn’t just come to me.

In many ways that is still the case. Maybe that is how it is meant to be. If things would have just come easily to me, I would not have become the same person that I am today.

One of my lessons has been about overcoming obstacles. It has also been about breaking free of the “My way or the highway” attitudes of both my father and my previous husband.

I am now able to reap the rewards of being with someone, my now husband Glenn, with whom my relationship is one of understanding and balance.

Would I have reached this point without my past experiences? I guess I will not know until I get back upstairs and read the fine print on my life’s contract.

On another level, we may choose to be volunteers for others in this lifetime.

In this case, it isn’t so much about what we ourselves need to learn, it is about what we can teach others.

For example, if you were among Jewish who were killed at Auschwitz, you might have been a volunteer for the rest of the world’s population to understand that the attempted genocide of a race is unacceptable.

As for that lucky gene, there are those who seem to have it easier and maybe that is because they had it tough in other lives.

You never know where a soul’s journey has taken them.

They might already have had life times of extreme hardship, abuse, poverty, desolation etc. This lifetime is one where they are able to sit out the difficult lessons for themselves because they’ve already been there.

Remember too that what goes on behind closed doors is different than what is transparent to the rest of the world.

The richest man may be terribly unhappy because he cannot find a cure for his child’s illness.

No amount of money can make that right for him.

The biggest Hollywood star may have incredible wealth but be suffering from depression, anxiety and an addiction to drugs or alcohol.

Money and riches are not the key to happiness.

Winning the lotto for some has led to sadness and isolation. They find that they no longer fit in with people that they once associated with. Then they have to contend with the jealously, bitterness and envy from others, including family, who want their share of the winnings.

Ask yourself, what do you need to be happy and content? Find that and you will have found the lucky gene.

Someone who finds the simple pleasures in life can be the luckiest person alive. This can be in having his/her family close by, having a roof over their head and food on the table.

You have the ability to manifest more if that is what you want. A successful, well-paying job or business, security in the form of investments for the future, a better car etc. are all there for you.

The universe has a philosophy of abundance. You are entitled to have a share of that abundance and with that comes the lucky gene.


I hope this blog The Lucky Gene – Do you have it? has helped.

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