Spirit Messages: What We Want vs What Spirit Wants to Give Us

/Spirit Messages: What We Want vs What Spirit Wants to Give Us

Spirit Messages: What We Want vs What Spirit Wants to Give Us

Mediumship is connecting with the Spirit world, and passing on spirit messages.  We, as the medium, channel messages from our loved ones who are passed over.

Giving a Spirit connection is one of the most privileged things that I do in my line of work.  As a medium, I give evidence and validation to the sitter as well as spirit messages.

One of the misconceptions of mediumship is about the information that comes through.

As a client, people want to know:

  • “Why don’t they give the lotto numbers”
  • “What did they do with the insurance money?”
  • “Why don’t they tell me their name?”

When working with Spirit, we, the medium, give information that is projected.  To give evidence of the Spirit person, we want certain bits of verification from them.

Some of the questions that I might ask the Spirit person for validation are:

  • “Who are you?”
  • “How are you connected to the person here?
  • “What did you look like?”
  • “What did you pass from?”

It’s not much good me going straight to the Spirit person without giving evidence of who they are. How else would you know who wants to give you the message?

I’ve heard and seen plenty of mediums say to a clients, “I see your grandmother standing behind you, and she tells you she loves you.”  That’s not evidence. That is a statement that has not been verified by fact and may or may not be true.  On its own it is not worth much.

I had put a post on Facebook some time ago about a disaster scenario whereby I asked you to imagine that you were caught in a disaster while you were away from home. Communication is out – there is no phone, no email, no internet. A man says that he has just got cell/mobile reception and offers his phone to you to make one call. Who would you call?

The majority of the responses were to call family/friends, to let them know that you are okay.

Now take that example and you know what Spirit want – they want to let their family know that they are okay. It’s like having the opportunity to send a message, and they are taking that chance through a medium to do that.

Spirit will often try to get their message across without a medium. Unfortunately many people, even though they may sense “something” don’t trust themselves enough to believe that it could their loved one.

So when the sitter comes to a medium for that connection, they are not going to waste their time with issues that they don’t consider important.

Money, material possessions, petty bickering, they all become irrelevant when you are in a place of unending love and acceptance, for that is what the Spirit dimension is all about.

The Spirit person wants to let us know that they are okay, that they are still around us.  They might have an important message for us about our lives, or they might just want to say “Hi, I’m still around.”  If you’ve been talking to that Spirit person, they might give evidence that they heard you talking to them while you were in the backyard doing the gardening.

When coming for a reading, be open to receiving what is given, not what you expect.

There are many factors that come into play when connecting with Spirit.

Firstly, there has to be the right mix between the Spirit and the medium.  Just like on the human level, not everyone is going to mix well together. Think of your family, your friends, colleagues, work mates, who do you get on the best with? If there’s someone that you don’t get on with, why is that?  The same applies to the spirit world.

Secondly, don’t put limitations on the information that comes through.  I once had a client who came for a reading and was given brilliant validation of who the Spirit was, how he passed, memories that they shared and more. At the end of the reading, my client said, “I’m not convinced that it was him, as he didn’t give his nickname for me.”

Putting limitations on a reading like the one above will only spoil it for you.

Spirit work very hard to come through. Remember they want to let you know that they are still there.

If for whatever reason the connection isn’t made at that time, it could be that the timing isn’t right, either for them or for you.  The well-known medium, John Edward, wrote in one of his books that he had to wait 10 years for validation from his passed over mother.

Love is the overriding factor and love is what our Spirit family want to pass on to us.

How and when they do that is up to them.  We, as mediums, are the channel for those messages and I am honoured to be a part of that process.









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