Soul Mates vs Soul Connections


Soul Mates vs Soul Connections

Many of the questions that I get are about relationships, more specifically soul connections and soul mates.

Questions that are asked are, “Will I find my soul mate”, “Who is my soul mate?” “Is my current partner my soul mate?” “Will I ever reconnect to my former partner/lover etc. who is my soul mate?

So, what is a soul mate?

Ideally they are the person – our other half – who understands us, who we are sexually attracted to, whom we can reveal all of our deepest secrets to. They are our friend as well as our lover.

The books Journey of Souls and Destiny of Souls by Dr Michael Newton are excellent reference points for this material.

Dr Newton spent years documenting his sessions. The content of these books is about what people have encountered when they go into their past lives and even after we leave this life, the afterlife experiences. These books also delve into our soul connections and soul groups.

I believe that we all have many soul connections. We come here, in our present life, to learn lessons to become a more enlightened being.

We have contracts, if you like, to fulfil certain objectives. Many souls that we knew in the afterlife will connect to us here to help us with those lessons. They could be our mother, our father, our best friend, our ex-husband/ex-wife as well as our partners.

All of these souls will have agreed to help us learn valuable lessons to move us forward, but they are not necessarily our soul mate, yet they are soul connections.

The concept of having one soul mate is flawed.

We all want to find the ‘one’ but society’s ideals around what a soul mate is, is the illusive, all-understanding, romantic ideal who we’ll stumble across in a love-at-first-sight moment.

In reality we probably have more than one soul mate, or as I prefer to use the words – soul connection.

Let me give you an example.

You are in a relationship that is no longer working for you. You are unsure what to do – do you stay or do you leave? Along comes another person whom you are very drawn to.

Does this mean that the new person is your soul mate? Maybe, maybe not.

Consider this: maybe they are just a volunteer, to help you move out of the other situation with more confidence, to get you on track to something better. That does not mean that they are meant to be in your life as your ‘happily ever after’.

Sometimes people come into our life for a time or for a specific purpose.

The example above could be one of those.

You may find it hard to accept, but even the ‘shitty’ relationships in your life have (or had) a purpose.

For me, there were great character similarities between my father and my ex-husband, the father of my children.

I didn’t realise it at the time (ah, the wisdom of hindsight), but my lesson was to break free of both of their binds. It was about letting go of their bossy, ’do it my way or the highway attitude’.

So even though that marriage didn’t work out, it still was a soul connection, as was the connection to my father.

I believe that we have signposts that are shown to us in terms of where we are meant to be.

Think about how you met your partner/ex. Was it through school or work, through a hobby, at a friend’s engagement or family BBQ?

Now think about all of the circumstances that needed to come together for that connection to be made.

For me, I had to come from Australia, to be at the Arthur Findlay College in Essex in the UK, at the same time as Glenn was there, for us to meet. The spirit world definitely was working overtime on that one!

There are circumstances that mean you do meet the person that is right for you at a particular time in your life.

A chance meeting at the supermarket, a blind date, well-meaning friends wanting to set us up, internet dating – they are all ways in which we might meet a potential partner.

What we need to do is put ourselves out there, ready to take that leap of faith when we do feel that that special connection is made.

It might be a look in the eyes, goosebumps when you find out you both lived within a few streets of each other growing up or just that familiarity between the two of you, like you just know this person.

We are all given the opportunity to meet our relevant connections at the time that is right. For those of you still waiting – don’t lose hope. It will happen.


I hope this information on Soul Mates vs Soul Connections has helped.

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