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Your Spirit loved ones are still around you.

Together, let’s make a connection to the Spirit world to give evidence and messages from those that have passed.

Are you feeling confused and hurt? Lost?  Perhaps stuck while grieving the loss of a loved one?
You may be thinking, “Why did this happen and how will life go on?”

As a medium, I know that for some losses, you would give the world to have them back. 

For some of you, I know that right now you might not know how to live without them.  I also know that for some, it’s the things left unsaid and the questions left unanswered that are the cause of the pain you may be feeling.

If you’re nervous about whether seeing me will really work, I understand.  Your family and friends might be telling you to be careful because there a lots of psychics and mediums out there that aren’t genuine.

Coming to see a medium can be a daunting experience, especially if it is your first time.  You wonder if it will work.  Perhaps, you worry that you may be seen as gullible.  While you want to believe, you think to yourself, “Is it real?”

You get anxious, “What happens if it doesn’t work?”

If you come for a mediumship session with me, my work is to prove that your loved ones are still around you. My work is to prove that they are okay.


How does a Mediumship session work?

We can work together to connect 1-2-1 via Skype anywhere in the world, or face to face in and around La Habra, California.

You will feel like that we have made a connection to your loved one, because they will have told me things about themselves, things about you, and about your relationship, things that can’t be found on the internet, memories and information that only you would know.

As a result, you will feel a sense of comfort, of relief, of knowing that they are still there.

They will have a message for you that is meaningful and relevant.  Sometimes it can be simple, sometimes it is more complex.  At times, all that we need to know is that they are okay.  Every so often, we want to know that they are still there.  That they are still watching out for us.  To be aware that they still see us going about our daily life.

Our spirit loved ones want to show us that they are still around us and they work very hard to give us the information that we need.

As a client, you need to be open to whomever comes through.  When coming to see a medium, we cannot guarantee who comes through.  Even if you really want one specific person, it may be someone else who needs to give you a message on that particular day. That doesn’t mean that the others aren’t there. It just means that Spirit is in charge of who is on the end of the telephone line (so to speak).

In preparation for your session, keep an open mind.  Find out some information about your spirit loved ones (if you don’t know already) – things like: how they passed, how old they were, what they passed from, what kind of likes and dislikes they had, what were their hobbies.  Spirit will use this information to give you validation about who they were.

Sometimes there will be information that comes through that you cannot place. That is okay. There will be times when we need to go and check with others to see where a piece of information fits in.

I will always do my best to bring through the people that you love and with that to give you the evidence that you need to see that the spirit world is real.

If I am not able to make a connection with someone that you can identify, then there is no charge
for the reading.

It does take time to grieve. There is no set time. Each person is different.

Hopefully, a Mediumship session will give you the comfort and reassurance that, while those that have passed are no longer here in the physical existence, they are still very much alive in their spirit form.

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