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Motivational Speaking with Dagmar Bryant

I am a great believer in ‘Empowerment’ and how it begins with U.  My goal is to provide insights into how you can unlock your hidden potential in all aspects of work and life.

A fresh, new approach to connect to your audience.

In every talk or workshop, I share stories, humor and my life experience with my no-nonsense approach to topics around empowerment and enriching life and business.

I'm passionate about making a difference to others.  It's about helping people to find a way to move forward in every aspect of their life and work.

As a motivational speaker, my keynote speech is about Empowerment. It's how we can live a life of being true to our passions, values and purpose.

With my background in the corporate world, specifically in Customer Service, Administration and in Law, I have first hand experience in how to embrace change.

My story is about being resourceful, creative and having the conviction to move ahead, especially during challenges.

I have worked for major international organizations such as BHP Billiton, Orica (formerly ICI Chemical Co), and Rohm and Haas Chemical Company.

My media profile includes appearing on TV and being heard on radio.  Additionally, I have also been published in the wellness press.

I bring with me a combination of real world experience, intuitive vision, and a motivational view on life that will connect and motivate.

"I recently had the pleasure of hearing Dagmar Bryant speak at a local event. She made me feel so inspired, when I heard she was speaking again
I had to attend the presentation. The topic was regarding Empowerment, specifically, personal development and confidence.  Take control and set goals. Above all, take action to change your life! Motivational? Definitely!." - Andrea T, La Habra

My keynote speech is Empowerment Begins With U.

It focuses on us having a better understanding of ourselves and how our own actions or inactions play a part in the way that we are leading our lives.

“U” represents us and understanding. Once we understand, we can enable ourselves.

Empowerment starts with seeing what we’re doing individually, what we’re letting affect us and how we can change that.

Understanding that we’re responsible for our actions and decisions. We can choose how to better engage in our daily life, both at work, at home and in the community.

Knowing that we are a part of something more. We are all a part of the “whole” that is humanity and we can make a difference, collectively and individually. How can that idea productively impact decisions in the workplace and at home.

After this presentation, you’ll come away with a better understanding of your life choices, and how to get back on track to your right path.

It’s guaranteed to adjust work-life attitudes, and provide a fresh approach to handling workplace issues, coworkers and life challenges.

I have workshops and programs that I can customize to your theme.  Consider me for your next keynote, in your workplace, for women's groups or for the community.

I am able to provide you a complete package of motivational speaking and programs/workshops resulting in the next level of performance and productivity.


“Simply put, Dagmar Bryant is a thought-provoking speaker dedicated to unleashing hidden potential at all levels." - Cindy, NJ

“Inspiring.  I came away with a sense of purpose. It made me look at my attitude to what I am doing in a totally different way.”

Julie, Orange County

I've had the pleasure of attending a few of Dagmar Bryant's presentations and have received so much valuable information that has been very helpful to me and others as well.  Dagmar comes with great excitement and can hold everyone's attention throughout her presentations.

C. Surich, La Habra Chamber of Commerce
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