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Heavenly Vibrations 1

Meditation CD- Audio and MP3 available to purchase

Clearing the Clutter (22:00)
Have you ever wanted to have the opportunity to clear away what you no longer want, both physically and mentally? Then this meditation is for you. It will leave you feeling like you have had an emotional clear out and as a result, you will feel more calm and at peace.

Meditation for Healing (17:35)
Healing can come in many forms and sometimes we need to connect with the higher realms. This beautiful meditation takes you to talk to one of your angels, guides or a loved one in the Spirit world to unburden your worries and take them away.  Consequently, you will feel comforted, knowing that they are there for you.

Quick Stress Release (9:57)
This short meditation is ideal for those times when you want to release your stress, but don’t have a lot of time.  All you need is 10 minutes and you will feel so much lighter, and hence, able to view your situations with a fresh perspective.


Heavenly Vibrations 2

Meditation CD – Audio and MP3 available to purchase

Meet your guides (15:52)
Many of us want to connect into the spirit world to find out who is helping us.  Who are our guides?  This gentle meditation takes you to a place where you get to connect to your guide and find out who they are and how they may be helping you.

Realising your dreams (20:40)
Create your future life. This meditation is a beautiful way of connecting with what we want out of life. You know that if you can create it here, you can create it in the real world too. Therefore, we can come away feeling more empowered to achieve our goals and dreams.

Making Amends (19:35)
Have you ever felt like there are things you want to say to your loved ones, but they are no longer there and you feel like you’ve lost that opportunity? Well here is a lovely way of reconnecting and making amends, so we can forgive, where need be, and let go of any residual feelings of incompletion.

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