Past Lives and how they are relevant to this lifetime

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Past Lives and how they are relevant to this lifetime

One of the many things that I get asked about is past lives and how they impact our current life.

I do believe in past lives, that we have had many past lives before and that getting an insight into a past life can bring us valuable information into who we are today.

Unfortunately there is a lot of misinformation out there. We’ve all heard stories about the psychic who told someone that they were someone famous in a past life.

The fact is that most of us were very ordinary people in our past lives – living life as we do, with our own lessons and experiences.

To help you look deeper into this subject, I would highly recommend reading Journey of Souls and Destiny of Souls by Dr Michael Newton.

Dr Newton was a  Hypnotherapist who began to explore the after life by working with his patients. It is through their experiences that we understand more about what happens to our soul when we leave this life.

Our past lives are relevant in so far as that we sometimes carry cords and ties with us from those lifetimes.

When we understand how our past lives impact us, we can release those ties and move forward in this life.

How do we get to know what has happened to us in the past?

Firstly, we can make an appointment with a past life regression practitioner.  These sessions are usually conducted in person and will take about 2 hours.

A past life regression can be a very powerful, healing experience when conducted in the right environment and when you feel safe and secure with the person who is the practitioner.

Alternatively, you might intuitively come to realize certain things about yourself.

Impressions from past lives can come to us in many different ways.

We might have a dream about being somewhere else or with people that we know.

We might feel that we have an affinity with a particular place e.g. Stonehenge, Paris, The Amazon.

For me, stepping off the plane the first time in Hawaii, I remember saying, “I could move here tomorrow”. I was just so comfortable being there (and I’d not been there before or really had gotten to see the place).

We might be reading or watching a TV program about a place and get a feeling that that place really resonates on a soul level e.g. a documentary on the architecture of Italy.

You might find yourself drawn to a particular style or period in time e.g. the Renaissance, the Middle Ages, the Crimean War.

There might also be other indicators like being drawn to the food of Morocco, samurai swords of Japan, the Maori culture.

Whichever method you choose, it is your subconscious mind that is taking you on this journey.

Some people are curious about where they’ve been in a past life and that is natural. Others, want to release patterns that they are seeing in their current life.

If you feel that you want to work through some unresolved issues, then a past life regression is a very powerful tool to do that.

But, while our past lives are very relevant to who we are, they are in the past.

We must remember to live in the moment, the now, and do the best we can with that.


I hope this information on Past lives and how they are relevant to this lifetime has helped.

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