Money Mindset: 5 Tips to Abundance

Money Mindset: 5 Tips to Abundance


What does abundance mean to you?

Abundance, in its simplest form, usually refers to plentifulness of the things of life; of prosperity. The question then becomes, in what area of your life do you want to be more abundant?

More importantly what does that look like?

With so much uncertainty around at the moment, how can we plan for that?

Yes, there may be uncertainty but you can still choose to direct your life with purpose.  It is up to you to decide exactly what that means for you.

How then, do you create that?

You start by looking at your mindset.


How you view life and take action, even in the current state of affairs, depends largely on the outcome you will get.

Without a doubt there are people who have really struggled with the disruption that COVID has caused.

However, there are also plenty of people who have come out of it doing just fine.

Where does that place you?

Did you know that you can choose?

Yes, you did read that correctly, you can choose!

By choosing that you want to be on the side of abundance, it can change your whole life.

Many of my business coaching clients started out not knowing what they wanted. They were in a highly successful career but miserable and wondering how they could ever hope to replace their income.

Through us coaching together they discovered what really mattered to them and through that they have built a business they are really happy in, and it has had significant positive effects on the rest of their lives: their relationship with their partner, their family and kids, their relaxation time and their hobbies.


Yes, there are things that you need to do to get you there and here’s some tips to help you:


  1. Listen to the words that you say.

Are you complaining of lack, or not enough of something? Or are you just complaining?

You need to be mindful of the words that you use and instead, convert your language to the positive.

Instead of saying, “Everything always goes wrong for me”, try this, “I am a magnet for positive things in my life.” It all sounds a bit woo-woo but I assure you that it works.

What you are effectively doing is changing the vibration that you are working with from one of lack to one of abundance.


  1. Be grateful

Are you grateful for the things that you do have? Take a look around you and take a moment to be thankful for all your blessings. Yes, some things may not be going well but there will always be someone who is worse off than you.


  1. Your companions

Who are the people that you spend the most time with and what are they like? Are they supportive, encouraging and positive? Or, are they the total opposite?

Our family and friends may not always be the most encouraging at times and if they are not, you need to find people who will help you and be there for you.

There is a reason why Jim Rohn said, “You are the average of the 5 people that you spend the most time with.”

Look at the people around you and assess if they are the best for you and where you want to be.


  1. Perspective

A lot of our mindset has to do with our perspective.  There are people who view the world from the lens of half full and those who see it as half empty.

For example, take this situation. A person slept in by 20 minutes in the morning and that meant that they are 20 minutes late getting on the road to go to work. As they are getting ready, they are stressing that they will be late for work and get into trouble from their boss.  As they are driving to work, they see that there is a bank up of cars because there has been a horrific car accident.

How would that affect your perspective?

Would you view it as a negative that you are late and caught up in the traffic jam, or would you view it as a blessing because you realize that if you would have been on time, like you usually are, that that might have been you?


  1. Direct your energy

If you want to be successful, then you need to direct your energy into what you want to create.

For example, if you want to have a new job, you would need to make sure that you have an up to date CV and references and maybe even current qualifications or certifications.

If you want to start your own business, you would need to investigate the how-to’s and requirements of having a business, perhaps by speaking to an accountant or business advisor.

Regardless of what your specific goal is, the first step is becoming informed on how you are going to get from where you are to where you want to be.

Then, it’s time to put an action plan into place.


Put down specific tasks for each day that will get you a step closer to your goal.

Rather than daily big audacious goals, break it down into smaller, manageable chunks so that you will see your progress and results and in that way you will stay motivated.

Set yourself a timeframe for when you want to have achieved your goal and certain milestones along the way and before you know it, you will have made it a reality.

The path to abundance is, like anything else, a work in progress but if you keep at it you will get there.


I hope that you have enjoyed my blog on Money Mindset: 5 Tips to Abundance.

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