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Life Journey


One of the wonderful things that I get to do is talk to people and this was a podcast with Engel Jones that I was privileged to be a part of.

Engel Jones has a wonderful way of being, of connecting in to a story and he did a brilliant job of connecting with me, of revealing my story.

Stories are powerful and they are a means of illustrating teachings.


I use stories in my work whether I am coaching a client, teaching a workshop or speaking to an audience.

They help to strengthen a bond and reinforce a connection with the message that I want to impart.

We each have our own experiences and life journey.  These make us unique.


Nonetheless, there are threads of familiarity that we each experience.

Whilst my life journey is not exactly the same as yours, there will be threads of connection, of lessons that we have learnt, which means that we will understand each other on a deeper level when we are working together.

This interview reminded me of the huge transformation that I have undergone over the last 3-4 years.


Moving from Australia to the USA in December 2017 and then from there to the UK in April 2019, there has been much that I have learnt.

It has given me a considerably greater understanding of different people and cultures and what an eye opener it has been!

Going even further back, Engel and I talked about an even earlier journey where I moved from Germany to Australia and how this was the start of a significant part of my life journey that brought out a desire in me for exploring new adventures.

We are each travellers, navigating the journey that is life.


Sometimes we are sure of where that is taking us and other times we feel as if we are adrift, lost at sea.

What was once certainty, becomes doubt and indecision.

The key is getting ourselves back on track.

We can do that with introspection or we can get help, like engaging the services of a life coach, whichever way works for you.

I now understand my motto more than ever, “Life is not about sitting on the sidelines. It is about taking calculated risks.”

If we each stay in our comfort zone, we don’t get to experience the richness and fullness that is life.


If my husband and I had chosen to stay in Australia, yes, life would have been ok and it would have gone on just fine.

But, we would never have experienced the adventures (and challenges) that we have over the last few years.

And isn’t that what life is all about?

Today, ask yourself, is your life journey as fulfilling as you would like it to be?


What is it that you would still like to experience?

This is not about being reckless, but it is about living a life that has meaning and purpose.

Give yourself permission to be more and to chase your dreams.


Listen to the interview here: Dagmar Bryant PhD is a US based, Australian motivational speaker and transformational coach /Ep2253 (


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