Letting Go of the Past: Healing This and Other Lifetimes


Letting Go of the Past: Healing This and Other Lifetimes

Letting go of the past can help us heal in this life time. Deeper healing can also take place if we can break free of that tie to other lifetimes.

One of my friends recently said that she would love to read about some client experiences and how they benefited from them.

I spoke to a few of my clients and asked if I could share their stories, without giving away their private details. They agreed and all names in this blog have been changed to protect the privacy of the individuals.

Let me start by giving a definition of reincarnation.

“Reincarnation: the belief that the soul survives the death of the physical body and returns to life as a new body, again and again, for the purpose of its own development.” (Encyclopaedia Britannica)

Past Life Regression is a powerful technique for helping people move forward in their lives. If you believe in past lives, you know that you have had many previous incarnations prior to the current one. Those life times can leave an emotional scar or unhealed issues that remain in our subconscious. Inadvertently we carry those forward to our current lifetime.

Past Life Regression is a way of healing that pain and letting it go so that we are able to release that burden.

Some people will try to tell you that past life regression is not real, that the client is making it up.

However, there is too much evidence to the contrary for that to be the case.

There are many scientific case studies that have been conducted of children who have spoken about other places and families that they had. When this information was followed up on, discoveries were made about their former families that no-one could have known about.

One significant book on this subject is “Life Before Life” by Dr Jim B Tucker. Dr Ian Stevenson, the Carlson Professor of Psychiatry at the University of Virginia Medical School, wrote the foreword. He himself has investigated reports of past life memories from spontaneous, waking memories experienced by very small children.

One might ask why we don’t remember the lessons of our previous lifetimes.

Forgetfulness gives us a fresh start every time.

Remembering all of our incarnations would be a burden. Let’s face it, there are bound to be lifetimes that we don’t want to remember. How would it benefit you to remember the experiences of being Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin, Jeffrey Dahmer or Ted Bundy?

We have all the memories in our vast subconscious and they are stored in the Akashic records. When doing a past life regression, your unconscious mind will protect you. It will only give you what you need to know in order to benefit you or help you move your current life forward.

That brings me to a couple of my own clients who have seen the healing taking place.

Claire came to see me for issues that she was having around love relationships.

Her issue was that she couldn’t commit to one relationship. She was the one who was always making excuses for ending a relationship.

During a regression, she discovered that she had a lifetime in the Middle East where she was one of the women in a harem. As a slave, she was expected to be available to many of the wealthy men. This led to her belief that she couldn’t be available to one man in a monogamous relationship.

We were able to help her to let go of the lessons of that lifetime. As a result, this gave her more confidence in herself, seeing herself freed of those restrictions. We also went into the future and she saw herself in a loving relationship with a future husband and a child.

Speaking to her recently, she has been in a steady relationship for over 12 months, which was a really positive breakthrough for her and she is happy.

Joanne was a client who was having issues around her family relationships as well as her weight.

Joanne was abused by her uncle when she was a young girl. When she brought that information to her family, they didn’t believe her. It caused a huge rift in her family. The man in question was still around at family birthdays, Christmas and other celebrations. She wanted to protect her own daughters. However, her family were in denial that anything was wrong.

Joanne felt that she has no choice but to speak up.

Joanne could see that whenever her daughters were close to this man that his behaviour was “not right”. She knew that he had ulterior motives. When she expressed this to her family they shut down and disowned her.

In the years since the incidents occurred in her own life, her weight has ballooned and she has suffered anxiety and depression.

In her session we were able to see patterns in other lifetimes of abuse by men. During the regression she was able to forgive these people, discovering that one of her key lessons this time around was to break the cycle.

During subsequent sessions we also worked on the issues surrounding her weight gain and anxiety.

I spoke to her recently and she had lost 10 kgs and was well on the way to becoming an even lighter (both physically and emotionally) person. Her relationship with her family is not healed, and may never be. Her relationship with her daughters is strong and she knows that she has done the right thing. She has also come to terms with what happened to her and she no longer blames herself or feels any guilt.

Past life exploration can be a powerful way to release patterns and emotional ties that hold us back.

If you feel like you are creating the same scenario over and over again and don’t know why, a past life regression may be able to hold the key to unlocking the reason why.

By letting go of the past, we become happier, more confident and motivated to living our best life.

Intuitively you know that your subconscious has the answers, trust in yourself to finding the path that will help you.


I hope this blog on Letting go of the past: Healing this and other lifetimes has helped you.

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