Inspirational Signs and Your Intuition

Inspirational Signs Dagmar Bryant

Inspirational Signs and Your Intuition


You know that wonderful feeling that you get when you know that you are on track?

Or when you feel that you are exactly in the right place at the right time?

Those are inspirational signs and your intuition is giving you clues.

I call them the AH HA moments.

For me, it was on this one morning, when I had to ring a new vet for the first time. We had two veterinary clinics close to where we lived, but it was one in particular that drew me as being the one for our furry family members.

I received my confirmation when I called them and the lady who I spoke to was not only caring and compassionate, but she also spelt my name right without asking. That never happens to me!

Then, when I was seeing the vet, I mentioned that I had done some Reiki on our cat and she said she’s a Reiki level II and also believes that Reiki can help.

Don’t we wish that we could have that all of the time? Many times, it is not as clear as that.

Our Spirit guides and helpers are always there to give us guidance even though we may get the impression that is not always the case.

While we have free will and free choice in determining our future and what we want to achieve, there are some things that are predetermined. There is also a journey in how we get there. Some of us take the easy road, others take the harder road.

When we start out in life, some people have absolute certainty around what they want to do, it’s as clear as breathing for them. On the other extreme are those that spend the first half of their life studying, or wandering aimlessly from job to job without knowing what they want, not really dedicating or applying themselves to anything.

For the rest of us, it is about making a start, and then gradually finding our way.

I started out in banking, then went into the airline industry, then to admin and secretarial work. I was in my 30s when I went into law only to have my ‘aha’ moment when I was half way through my law course. It was on one Sunday morning that I realized that it was the spiritual pathway that I was meant to be following. All of a sudden the answer was before me as clear as day.

So while it took some time, I did find my path, my purpose and I haven’t looked back. Was it an inspirational sign? Definitely!

We need to learn to trust our intuition and watch out for the signs that come our way.

Whether you call it your intuition, your 6th sense, your gut, an inkling, your instinct, it doesn’t matter. The important thing is that we listen to our inner self when it is giving us those signs.

These days it is something that clients ask me – What is my path? Where is my direction? What am I supposed to be doing in my life?

The answer is that many times people already have an inkling of what that is supposed to be. Maybe they don’t trust themselves. Perhaps they don’t believe that they can make a living from it. But it is already an integral part of them.

My job is to find that clue, that trigger to help them move forward. Spirit will often be giving a helping hand in this anyway. Often there are triggers in a person’s past.

You know when you wanted to be an airline pilot but your parents said that wasn’t a good idea because of flights crashing? Or, your father wants you to go into the family business and that is what is expected of you, while you had dreams of fulfilling your life as a photographer or archaeologist?

How many times have you found that when you don’t listen to your own inner guidance that things don’t work out?

All of a sudden there are roadblocks put in your way. Spirit will do that. It’s like a big STOP sign, with “You are going the wrong way”, written underneath. We may not instantly recognise the sign the first time, but Spirit are pretty persistent in giving you the message. These are inspirational signs.

It’s like when I am giving someone a reading and they say, “Actually, I’ve been told that before”. That’s ok, it’s what you do about it that is important.

There are many time in our life when we may not be ready. We may have a relationship or family issues or we may need to keep paying off some of those bills to put ourselves into a secure financial position. There will come a day when there are no more reasons and you know it is just the right time to pursue your dreams and passions.

You know you are on the right path when the doorways open up for you.

For me, once I had found my path, the doorways to different teachers seemed to open, as if by magic. They were like signposts.

Meeting Glenn was one of the big signposts for me too. We believe that we were both meant to meet, fall in love, marry and then to work together.

So, don’t worry, even though it may take some time to find that right “thing” that it is that you are meant to do, you will find it. When you do, you will know. That is not to say that the new journey will be without obstacles. No, that is not what I am saying. Remember that as part of our life journey, we will have some obstacles. How else will we learn?

Your path is what you will know and what will feel right to you. Along the way, there will always be further inspirational signs and your intuition to guide you.


I hope that you have enjoyed my blog on Inspirational Signs and Your Intuition.

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