How can you embrace change?

How can you embrace change?


Do you have confidence to embrace change?

Who is ready to take their lives forward?

But, are you fearful of making changes?


Unfortunately, there is a part in most of us that is fearful of change.

We want things to stay the same.  That is our comfort zone.

And sometimes we worry that if we embrace change, then that change is going to be a bad thing, rather than a good thing.

Why do we do that? Why do we anticipate a negative rather than a positive outcome?

Let’s look at this logically.


Change is a natural part of life.

Spring becomes summer, becomes autumn and then winter and it goes on.

Day turns to night. Babies become adults.

It’s the natural cycle of how things are and yet we think, “Oh no, I don’t want change. I’m happy with things just as they are.”

And even when we are not happy with where we are, our internal dialogue says, “I’ll stick with the devil that I know.”


Rather than being fearful, maybe we should embrace change and look at it as a way of creating powerful new growth in your life.

Imagine this scenario.

You are in a relationship or job and you are not happy.

You think to yourself,

“What if there is nothing better out there?

“What if the next job/relationship is more of the same, or worst?

“What happens if I don’t find anyone else?

“I can’t start my own business, I’ll never make enough money.”


How many of these are you familiar with?

Too often, we stay in our comfort zone, not moving ourselves forward because we talk ourselves out of the opportunity, for fear of change and because we think that change will be bad.

Maybe, instead, we should say the following:

“I wonder how great my life would be if I found the job/relationship that would make me really happy.

“What if I started my own business and I had so much more time on my hands to spend with my family and doing the things that I love?

“Changing my work would mean that I could work closer to home or even from home and that would mean less travel, which would mean more time to exercise in the morning.


Can you see how changing our perspective shifts the energy of what we are saying to a positive?

And with that, you go into change believing that the outcome will be a good one, and so it will be.

Everything starts with what we say and our belief.  Believing that we can make change a positive experience is what leads to a powerful transformation in our lives.

One of the things that I am passionate about, whether as a motivational speaker or a business coach, is helping my clients let go of what no longer serves them, and that can be old thoughts, beliefs or just their perception of who they are.

To help you with this, I have created a meditation, where I take you to a place where you are able to embrace change with confidence.

Whether you want

  • A new job, promotion or your own business;
  • A new relationship or a better existing relationship;
  • To move house;
  • To find new friends or a new hobby;
  • To lose weight

this meditation will be useful to you.

In this video meditation, I help you start the process of shifting your mindset into a positive state and with that, help you live the life that you want, one filled with joy and happiness.

Take a few minutes today to go on a journey of embracing change.


I hope you have enjoyed my blog and meditation on “How can you embrace change”.

If you’d like some help with your transformation and mindset, I’d love to help you.

Let’s talk about how business coaching can help you get out of the trap of living a life that is not in alignment with who you are or where you want to be.  Book in for your confidential session now.

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