7 Tips To Get The Best Phone or Skype Reading

/7 Tips To Get The Best Phone or Skype Reading

7 Tips To Get The Best Phone or Skype Reading

One of the questions that I often get asked is, “Are phone or skype readings as good as face to face readings?

Yes, in my experience, they are.

When I am working, I connect in with my guides and the Spirit world.  They are going to be around me to give you, my client, the information that I need to pass on to you. That happens if you are in the room with me or in your own room, many miles away.  Remember Spirit is omnipresent. That means that they are everywhere and they can be in many places at once.

Think of it as a three way connection between you, me and Spirit.


To get the best phone or Skype reading, here are 7 tips that I have put together.


  1. Do some research and find a reputable psychic or medium.

How long has this person been in the industry? What do others say about them?

Going to the first person that comes up on a Google search, that is usually an advert anyway, may not yield the best results for you.


  1. Do not book a reading when you are emotionally upset.


If you have just broken up with your partner/husband/wife etc. and you just want to know if you are going to get back together with them, is probably not the best time for a reading.

Likewise if you have lost a loved one to the Spirit world.

Counselling may be a better alternative as grieving a loss is still an important process.


  1. Book a reading when you are unlikely to be disturbed by outside influences.


You don’t want to have outside distractions that need your attention when you have a reading, e.g. kids/partner/family, dinner preparations, what you have to buy at the supermarket later, or when you are driving.


I used to work on a psychic phone line quite a few years ago and the amount of times that someone called me when they were driving in their car was astounding.

It is hardly the correct energy when you have to concentrate on where you are going, the traffic conditions and everything else on the road when you are trying to get a psychic reading.

If you want someone to read your energy, give them a chance to do it when you are focussed.


  1. Be in a quiet place.


This is a follow on from the one above but I’ve mentioned it separately because it is so important.

You want to be able to concentrate on what is being said to you, maybe even take some notes and have the psychic accurately tune in to your energy.

A phone or Skype reading is a really good alternative if you have kids.  You can put the kids to bed and you don’t have to worry about a babysitter.


  1. Have some questions in mind that you would like answers to. Things like:


  • What is the future around my love life?
  • What do you see around my work/career?
  • Do you see me travelling, moving house etc.?
  • Is there anyone that would like to give me a message from the Spirit world?


Asking for a general is just making a farce of a reading.

A general means nothing and the attitude of, “I just want to see what they can pick up about me,” is probably not the right one for a good quality reading.

Most genuine psychics want to help their clients, so treat it with a little more respect.


  1. Listen to what is being said to you.


Many times we just want to hear the answer that we think we want.

A psychic or mediumship reading can bring up things that we don’t always expect.

That doesn’t mean that the psychic is wrong.

Ask the psychic further questions about what they are picking up to give you clarity.


  1. The reading has to resonate with you.


Has the psychic given you enough validation that shows that they have picked up on you correctly?

If so, then any messages around a situation should make sense to you.

If a reading doesn’t resonate, say so right away.


Psychics are not infallible.

There is no such thing as a 100% accurate psychic.

Everyone has good days and not so good ones.

Regardless, of whether you have a phone or Skype reading or in person, a reader should be picking up accurate information about you. 

If the reader isn’t accurately picking up on what is going on around you, then maybe you need to talk to another reader.





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