Are your beliefs limiting your potential?

Are your beliefs limiting your potential Dagmar Bryant

Are your beliefs limiting your potential?


Where do our beliefs come from?

“If our lives are based on what we believe, then what if those beliefs are wrong?” Gregg Braden

What if the beliefs that we hold, limit the greatness that we could achieve?

Our beliefs are formed at a very young age.

We are most impressionable, depending on what source you read, between 4 to 8 years old.

At that age, the influences around us that give us our impression of the world are most likely to be our immediate family, but also what we are taught when we go to kindergarten, preschool, what books are read to us and what we watch on TV.

As we grow up, that expands to our peers, friends, community and culture, as well as teachers, bosses and mentors.

Our life experiences also have a significant influence on our beliefs.

For example, if you have an experience where a dog bites you, does that mean that all dogs are bad or dangerous? No, it doesn’t.

If we get sick from eating fish and chips, that doesn’t mean that fish and chips are bad.

In both these examples, there could be a multitude of reasons why the situation occurred.

The owner of the dog may have treated it badly and this could have caused it to be fearful of other people. The fish may have made you sick because the owner of the fish and chip shop didn’t clean the fish properly.

Can you see how our experiences affect what we believe?

And sometimes these beliefs become limiting beliefs because they prevent us from fulfilling our potential.

In the example above, if you believe that all dogs are dangerous, it could prevent you from ever owning a dog and you might never have the benefit of knowing ‘man’s best friend.’

It is in our best interest to let go of limiting beliefs that no longer serve us.

To do that, get a pen and paper and do a deep dive into your beliefs.  Ask yourself the following questions:

  1. What limiting beliefs do I hold?
  2. Where did I gain that belief from?
  3. Is this belief still correct?
  4. Am I able to let go of that belief and form a new belief?
  5. What would that new belief be?


By changing our beliefs, we open ourselves up to a new world of wonder and opportunities.

Our beliefs affect what we attract to ourselves. Like attracts like.

What would you like to attract into your life today?

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I hope that this blog on Are Your Beliefs Limiting Your Potential has helped you.

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