7 Tips To Creating Positive Change

7 Tips To Creating Positive Change


“You cannot make progress without making decisions.”- Jim Rohn


How often do you hear someone asking for advice but they never do anything about it?


I know someone in my family who used to do exactly that.

Yet, for all their asking they never took the advice. EVER.

Rather, they elected to do nothing.

And nothing ever happened or changed.


Why did they bother asking for advice in the first place, I hear you ask?


Maybe they did have a genuine intention of creating change.

Maybe they did want to actually do something different.

Maybe they were afraid.


Because to make decisions and create change takes courage.


How then, do we transform fear into courage?

One step at a time.

When working with my business coaching clients, I help them to make gradual change so that the transformation can become a long-term habit. When engaging my audience as an expert speaker, I give them these tools while sharing this in the form of stories.


Here’s 7 tips to help you instigate change in your life:


  1. Make one change in your life, preferably a small change, and see how that sits with you. For example, it could be that you are decide to eat healthier, that you make the commitment to go for a walk once a day, or become more mindful of the thoughts that you have (changing negative to positive). What do you need to do to apply this into your life?


  1. Implement this change and become comfortable with it so that it becomes a part of you. This might take a week, a fortnight or a month. Do it in the timeframe that is right for you. When you are changing a habit, 30 days is a good guideline for implementing a change and having it stick.


  1. Look at a different changes that you want to make in your life. What is that for you? What do you need to do create this change? Make a to do list of those things that you want to improve.


  1. Now take the next change that you want to implement and put actions steps together so that you can follow this through.


  1. Break any big goals or projects into smaller, more manageable chunks. In that way we can see that we are making progress and it encourages us to keep going.


  1. Stay positive. Change takes time. It is not something that you want to do all at once because that becomes overwhelming and you just end up give up.


  1. Give yourself benchmarks and notice how far you’ve come. You want to see that you are making progress. Make regular follow ups for yourself in your calendar and review your progress.

By following the 7 Tips To Creating Positive Change, you have a plan to get out of your comfort zone and moving your life into new, positive directions.


It enables us to make gradual change, rather than doing everything at once and giving up because it all becomes too much.


I hope these 7 tips have been helpful to you and that you are able to use them to instigate new, positive change in your life.

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