7 Tips For Improving Your Mental Health


7 Tips For Improving Your Mental Health


Your mental health is as important as your physical health, an important fact that we often overlook.

Without our mental health, we can lose enthusiasm for life, we become despondent, sometimes even sinking into stress, anxiety and depression.

But by being aware of our mental state of being, we can take some simple steps to improve our mindset.
Whether you are in lockdown or not, your mental health is invariably affected by what is going on in the world right now.
By taking action steps, you too can stay well, both physically and mentally.
Some of the benefits of having a positive mindset include:

  • Improvement in our productivity;
  • More confidence;
  • Cope with stress better;
  • Improve our relationships with partners, family members, friends and colleagues;
  • Reach goals faster;
  • Increase our success;
  • Improvement of our physical health;
  • Improvement of our overall wellbeing.

Wouldn’t you like to improve your mental health?

I have compiled 7 tips for you, to improve your mindset and whole being.


  1. Change / Adapt

The first thing that we need to do is adapt to what is going on around us.
The world has changed. Rather than sitting at home, feeling miserable about the life that was and isn’t, what can you do to adapt to the situation?
I know that many people don’t like change, but change is upon us, whether we like it or not.
Are you going to sink or swim?
What can you do in your home, your business, with your family, your friends?

Change your routine. What can you do differently?


  1. Exercise

Going outside for a walk is a great way of changing your energy. It gets you outside and into nature.
Your whole vibration changes. Fresh air oxygenates the blood lifting your spirits and positivity.
When you are walking, you can have quiet time, away from family or work stresses. You may choose to listen to a podcast, or an e-book.
Either way, it gives you a break from the routine of being inside all of the time. It can also help you see things from a different perspective.
Other forms of exercise can be helpful as well. Create your own ‘at home’ gym, watch an online class, do stretching exercises or yoga. There’s bound to be something that works for you.


  1. Meditation


Meditation gives you the opportunity to take your mind elsewhere, away from your problems and stresses.  Often you can come up with new ways of doing things, so it can be considered a solution based way of problem solving.

The benefits of meditation include relaxation, stress relief, reduce anxiety, improve your blood pressure, declutter your mind bring you to a place of peace and calm.


  1. Communicate

While you may be working from home or just in isolation, it is important for your mental wellbeing, to stay in touch with people.
With all of the apps like Skype and Zoom, WhatsApp and Viber, there is no excuse for not saying hi to friends, family, colleagues, and your community in general.
You can go to networking meetings and even online ‘dinners’.
It will never completely replace being in the same room as someone, but it can help you with feeling connected to people.

Even a friendly “hello”, can lift someone else and that, in itself, gives you a boost that you are helping.


  1. Learning / Education

Now is a great time for learning new things.
What have you always wanted to do, but didn’t have the time or money to do?
There are so many online programs that you can access, whether that is through webinars, podcasts, YouTube or educational facilities. And, they don’t have to cost the earth, many are free.
Use your ‘at home’ time to come out of isolation having learnt a new skill.
You may even be able to do things that you never thought that you could do.

Think of this time as your opportunity to start with a fresh slate and go from there.


  1. Balance

In all things there must be balance. If you are finding that you are working a lot, you need to take time out.
Especially when we are working from home, we can lose track of time. We stay on the computer, we skip breaks, we don’t eat properly.  That is not good for us.
Take breaks, stretch, go for a walk. Eat good wholesome foods to keep your body functioning at its optimum.  Minimize junk food, alcohol and other drugs.

Your mindset depends on it.


  1. Media/Social Media

Filter what you watch and listen to. The media and social media can have a negative effect on your wellbeing.
There are people who just focus on the negative, and the mainstream media is notorious for it.
Turn on the news and your attention is drawn to all of the negative things that are happening.

How many people have died, with little or no mention, of how many have survived?

Then there are the scare mongers and conspiracy theorists.
While I believe that we need to keep an open mind, a constant barrage of negative information will not help our mental wellbeing.
I hope these have been of help to you.
Without your health, you have nothing.
Remember it has two components, physical and mental. Your mental health is of utmost importance.

Focus on a positive mindset and you will have positive results.


I hope that you have enjoyed 7 Tips for Improving your Mental Health.

For more tips and information on business coaching, check out my YouTube channel, Mindset 2 Success. There are also short guided meditations to help you with your wellbeing.

To connect with me on social media, here is my LinkedIn page.

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