7 Signs From Angels & Spirit Helpers


7 Signs From Angels & Spirit Helpers


How do we know that we have spirit helpers?

Do we get signs from angels and other spirit helpers?

Here’s some great confirmation of divine help.

The Spirit world wants to connect with us.

This could be your loved ones that have passed over, angels, guides, or any Spirit helpers, sometimes even the ones we don’t expect.

Our Spirit helpers want to give us assistance and they will show us signs that they are around.

Mind you they only will give the appropriate assistance when asked. It’s up to you to invoke their help, and then be open minded to what may come.

I work very much with the angelic realm, in particular Archangel Michael. I have had numerous experiences that I could relate to you about his presence in my life.

Archangel Michael is very powerful in showing himself to me when I have asked for help.

Often, lo and behold, someone with the name Michael comes along and gives me that help.

One story that springs to mind is when I was in England and my sister in law and I went to Harry Potter World, both of us being huge Harry Potter fans. To get in to Harry Potter World you have to pre-purchase tickets online. The only tickets that we could get were for entry at 12noon or later, which was really later than we wanted. So I said to her, let’s book the tickets for 12 noon and we’ll manifest that there’s a way that we can get in earlier and I will put my request up to Archangel Michael.

On the day, we left super early, as England’s motorways can get notoriously blocked up if there is a traffic incident and we had about a 2 hour drive to get there. As it turned out we arrived without any problems. We asked at the ticket desk about getting in early. We were directed to an usher whose name was, you guessed it, Michael, who let us through. Not 5 minutes later there was an announcement that no other people would be able to get in until their allotted time. Funnily enough, Michael was no longer the usher admitting people.

So, not only did we have a clear run on the roads, we got in early and had a fantastic day and managed to beat the rush hour traffic home. My sister in law said that she couldn’t believe it as that never happens to her. Me, I just said thanks to Archangel Michael for his help.

Archangel Michael is not the only one who gives his help when called upon.

There are many angels, archangels and guardian angels that you can call on.

Below are 7 of the most common signs that Angels will use to get their message to you:


  1. Messages in the form of dreams and meditation

When we are asleep or in meditation, our conscious mind takes a back seat and our subconscious mind takes over. It keeps our heart beating, and otherwise keeps us alive and well. It is in this state that we are more open to any messages from the other dimension.

When dreaming, these dreams feel particularly real, like having a conversation with a friend or loved one in real life. If it is a loved one who has passed over, they may show us doing something that they would have loved, like walking on the beach or sitting on the back porch having a beer.

I remember my sister and I having conversations about our late father who would be particularly prominent in her dream as being on the phone to her, as that was what they would do all the time when he was here.


  1. Messages from people in our lives

This one works particularly well when you are contemplating a problem and are looking for answers. When you put the thought out there that you would like some confirmation, quite often Spirit will bring the message to you from someone close to you that you would trust.

A recent example was when Glenn and I were driving to an expo. I said to him, “I feel your mum is with us today” and he said, “Thank you for that. I had only just put a thought up to her last night asking if she was around. You’ve given me my confirmation.”


  1. Signs on billboards, pictures, number plates etc.

Similar to number 2 above, put the thought out there and your Angels and guides will give you an answer.

For us, it occurred yesterday, whilst talking about our inspiration for the radio show. We were on our way to the market and discussing if this topic felt right to us. Suddenly, a car passed us with the registration of MCHAEL! Certainly a Divine message that we got the right subject. It seems that Spirit were the ones that wanted to bring this through.


  1. Songs on the radio

You might notice that one particular song keeps coming up, or that there’s a theme with the words in the songs. Pay attention to what is being said to you (or in this case, sung).

Our loved ones may also use songs that they loved that make us think of them. My mother in law always used to love Westlife. Often, when I am thinking of her, one of their songs will come on the radio, and I just know that she is around.


  1. Through our creativity, for example inspired art, words and books

Mandalas, spirit art drawings and automatic writing are all great examples of how our Divine helpers want to show their presence to us. Our inspired creative work is a sure sign that they are working with us.


  1. Numbers

You might have a favourite number or be drawn to particular numbers like 11:11, 1:11 or whatever your special number is. Once you start noticing numbers, you won’t be able to stop. They’ll become apparent to you in many different ways. If you are asking a question and your favourite number is 6, and the number 6 appears everywhere, you can take it as a sign that your message has been heard.


  1. Special physical objects e.g. feathers, butterflies, flowers, colours

For this one, ask yourself what has meaning to you. If you love dragonflies and you start seeing them throughout your day, you know that this is a sign from angels and your spirit helpers. Set up what has meaning to you and watch for the signs to come.

There are bound to be other ways that Divine beings want to show you their presence. The most important thing is for you to believe. Don’t doubt that is was or wasn’t real.

One of my favourite artists, Josh Groban, in his song ‘To Where You Are’, sings the words, “And isn’t faith believing, all power can’t be seen?”

That’s what this is about.

The most important part of this process is believing. When you start believing that’s when the magic starts to appear.


I hope these 7 Signs from Angels and Spirit Helpers have helped.


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