7 Questions Not to Ask a Psychic

/7 Questions Not to Ask a Psychic

7 Questions Not to Ask a Psychic

What kind of questions do you ask a psychic?  You might be surprised about some of the questions that people do ask.  I’ve put together a list to get the best out of your reading.  In this blog I cover 7 questions not to ask a psychic.

When coming for a reading, it never fails to astound me, when I ask people how can I help them, and they shrug their shoulders and say. “Oh, I don’t know.”

My response is usually something along the lines of, “Well, you booked in for a reading. What prompted to you to do that?”

Another shrug, and, “I just thought I’d see what you have to say.”

About what? Life, the universe, the lotto numbers?

When I ask how I can help you, that is not a cue for you to give me your life story.  However, when coming for a reading it is a good idea to have some questions in mind that you want answers to. I call them the ‘dot points’.

By saying to me, “I would like you to look at my job situation, my career direction, my love life etc.” it does not tell me anything about those individual circumstances.  It does not tell me if you are working, what job you do, whether you like it, or not, whether you are in a relationship, if you are happy or unhappy in that situation.  You get the picture.

Many people seem to have this idea that they shouldn’t say anything when seeing a psychic and by being vague that that is to their benefit, when in actual fact the exact opposite is the case.

So let’s look at some common vague questions and how they can be reframed for a better result.


1.   I just want a general.

Let’s face it, this one is vague.

What does a ‘general’ mean? A general can mean anything and everything. Yes, we can tune into your energy and situations, and hey, I’m all for going with the flow but do you really want to jerk around in a reading?

Ask yourself, would you go to a doctor, sit down in his/her office, not tell them anything and just say, “Give me what you’re getting”? No, you wouldn’t.  You would say, “Doc, I’m having a problem with….”, or, “I’m really not feeling well in the xxxx.”

This is exactly the same.

The best advice here is don’t ask for a general.  Think of it as X marks the spot. By giving us the X, it hones into the area(s) of your life that are meaningful to you.  Look at the different aspects of your life and ask yourself what you want a psychic to look at.  That’s your X(s).


2.   Should I leave my husband/wife/partner?

We can look at the situation around your relationship and look at the governing factors in it, but ultimately the choice is yours.

Perhaps a better question would be “What is my future if I stay in the relationship with xxx? Or, “What is my future if I leave the relationship with xxx?

Most people really want to know if they are going to be okay, so the deeper aspects to this would be looking at the future around security/money, the home situation e.g. moving, renting/buying etc., any children and how they would cope with the situation.


3.   Will I get married and have children?

This is two separate questions and one might not be related to the other. As a reader, I would look at each question separately.

There are also other deeper layers to this question.

With regards to the marriage question, there might be more than one.  Do you really want a psychic to tell you that? How would you feel knowing that you’ve been told that the first marriage is not going to work out? Why would you bother with the marriage in the first place? And yet, the marriage might be part of your lesson, your life experience to take you on the next stage of the journey.  We don’t always look at these things when we ask these questions.

You might end up having children, but are you giving birth to them? For example, if there are health issues, you might choose to adopt, have IVF, or become the mother/father to your partner’s existing children.  You might also choose not to get married, but have a child or children on your own. The options here are vast.

Know that whatever your future is, it is up to you and what you agreed to in your life contract. Whatever a psychic tells you, it is always your choice.  Don’t get married because a psychic told you to do so.  Energetically you could choose to live with your partner for many years, without the official marriage certificate and it would feel, energetically, like a “marriage” to us, as it is the commitment of two people that is important here rather than the piece of paper.

Think about this question carefully before you ask it, and ask yourself what outcome are you trying to achieve with the question?


4.   Will I have enough money?

What does this mean?  Will you have enough money for what? And when?

Everyone has different values around money.  For someone with simple tastes they might think that $200,000 is a lot, for others $10 million is not enough.

Be more definitive with this question.  Ask yourself what your values are.  Better and more specific questions might be – “Will I have enough money to buy an investment property within 2 years? “Will I have enough money to do the things that I want to do (e.g. travel overseas annually, go around Australia for 6 months) when I retire in 3 years?

Being more specific when you ask a psychic a question, will get you more specific results,


5.   Will I be happy?

What will it take for you to be happy? When by?

Happiness is a very subjective emotion.  Happiness is not the same for everybody. One person may be happy fishing on the lake in their small 2 person boat, while another might want the big luxury yacht touring the Mediterranean, and others still might hate fishing or boating.

Ask yourself what is important to you. Better questions here might be – How do I create happiness in my life? What prevents me from being happy?


6.   What about my family?

Family is in itself a very broad topic. Who do you want to know about? Your mother, your father, your husband, your children, your sister etc.?

We can tune into all members of your family, but if I tune into your daughter but you really wanted to know about your Dad, then you probably should be saying, “I’m concerned about my Dad”.  Again, think of X marks the spot.

The question then becomes, what do you want to know?

As a psychic we can look into the situations, but is it ethical to do so? You may have lost touch with someone in your family, so strictly speaking it is not your business to know about their lives as they do not affect you or concern you.

Also, if you have grown up children and you are asking about their situation, we may be broaching on things that you are not meant to know about.  For example, your daughter/son may not want you to know that she/he is on the verge of separation from their partner.

In these situations if they wanted you to know, they would tell you. We have to be mindful of not crossing a line into territory that is not meant for you.  Keep your questions relevant to people that are directly connected to you and have an impact on your life. For example, “My daughter is looking at becoming a chef, will this be a suitable career choice for her? My son has just got a new job, how will he do?


7.   What is the future around my health?

Firstly, most psychics are not qualified as health care practitioners.  While we work with energy and can get a feel for what is going on around you, we are not infallible, we can get it wrong.

Secondly, do you really want to know the answer to this question?

I have had clients say to me. “What diseases am I going to get in the future?”

What if the outcome is not positive?  As a responsible psychic, my spirit team is not likely to tell me when you are going to die or if you are going to get cancer.  Dying is part of the circle of life, but when that is to happen, is between you and God, or your maker, or the universe, whatever your belief system is around that.

There are plenty of “psychics” that will give you doom and gloom in a reading.  I have heard clients tell me stories of psychics that said to someone “You will die at age 73 from a stroke”. While age 73 might seem a long way away when you are 20, it’s not when you are 72!

My advice on this one is not to go there.  See your health care professional and take responsibility for your own health.  We all know the things to do and not to do. You don’t need to be psychic to know that you will most likely be very sick later in life if you smoke 2 packets of cigarettes or drink a bottle of whiskey every day.


A reading is all about energy, whether we are doing a psychic reading or a mediumship reading, and the energy is going to be affected by what you bring to the reading.  When coming for a reading, asking better questions will give you enhanced results, rather than wishy washy general or vague questions.

Most psychics want to help their clients.  For me, it is about giving inspiration and hope even if the answer is not what you are looking for, and delivering it with compassion.

Remember that we all have free will, free choice and ultimately our choices are what determine the future.

We want you to get the most out of a reading, so take some time to think about the questions that you want to ask a psychic.

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