5 Tips to Know if You Are Seeing a Genuine Psychic Medium

/5 Tips to Know if You Are Seeing a Genuine Psychic Medium

5 Tips to Know if You Are Seeing a Genuine Psychic Medium

It is sad to say that there are many so called psychics and mediums out there that are not genuine.

So how do you know if the psychic or medium that you are seeing is the real deal?

I’ve put together a short list of the 5 top answers to that question.


1. A genuine psychic won’t be asking you a whole lot of questions.

A genuine psychic or medium won’t ask you questions like:  Do you have 2 children?  Are you in a relationship?  Are you working?

They will know the answers to those questions.

If however they say, I see that you are in a relationship (and you are), what is that person’s name?

That is quite ok. After all they have just confirmed information that is correct around you.

A genuine psychic medium may ask why you are there to see them.

By you saying to them, “I would like you to look at, for example, my work situation”, that doesn’t tell the psychic whether you are working, or not, whether you are happy in your current job, whether you are looking to start your own business etc.

A genuine psychic medium will be able to pick up that information.


2. A genuine psychic medium won’t tell you scary things like when you are going to die, or if something awful is going to happen to someone that you know.

A fake psychic or medium will use fear tactics to make themselves look or seem important.

A fake psychic will say things that leave you worried about you or your family, and all it does is create stress and anxiety.

I heard a dreadful story not long ago from a client who told me that another psychic had said to her that her daughter was going to be raped and murdered when she was 21.

What an awful story!

If something like this happens to you, walk away without paying.


Of course, bad things happen, but we, as psychics, can get it wrong.

What possible positive can come from knowing them in advance?

There is far more negativity that can be generated by making wrong predictions.


3. A fake psychic will try to get more money out of you by saying that you or someone in your family has a curse on them and it will cost $xxx to take it off.

More fear tactics and a huge scam. Don’t fall for it.


4. A fake medium will not offer proof around your loved ones in the Spirit world.

They may say things like, “Your grandmother is standing behind you and she says that she loves you.”

Or perhaps “there is a man with you who had back problems”.

How much more general can you get?

A genuine medium will connect directly into the Spirit world without tarot cards, without photographs or jewellery, without holding your hand.

They will then be able to tell you information about that Spirit person.

Things like: a description – What did they look like?  What were their interests?  How did they pass?  What age did they pass? etc.

You should be able to know who the person is without having told the medium any information.

The messages to you should be relevant to your situation.


5. A fake medium, if they are not making a connection, may make excuses for the spirit person not being there.

I’ve heard all sorts of doozies on this one.

“The Spirit person is stuck.”

“The Spirit person is in a dark place.”

“They don’t want to talk to you.”

“They are mad at you.”

A genuine medium, if they are not making a connection, would say, “I cannot connect with someone for you.”


When connecting with the Spirit world, there may be all sorts of factors why a connection can’t be made.

It might not be the right environment or the medium might not be the right one for the Spirit person to energetically connect with.

The bottom line is that the Spirit world decides who comes through and when.

A genuine medium doesn’t make stuff up if they are not making a connection.

Let’s face it, we can all have an off day and a genuine medium will say that it’s not working without offering excuses.


I believe that the purpose of a reading is to move a client forward, to help them get on with their life.

A genuine psychic or medium will be able to do that because they care about their clients.

Most people have some sort of intuitive or psychic ability themselves.


Don’t allow yourself to be conned by the fakes.

Trust your own intuition.

If you can smell the BS, walk away.


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